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Three Ways How Admire Can Help Your Blog Grow

Admire has been built to help you become a better blogger. It may not sound convincing right now, but I'm sure it will at the end of the post (provided [...]

Here’s What’s Cooking At ThesisLove

As you must have seen, ThesisLove has been quite for some time. That's because there's many things cooking and being decorated in the kitchen so beautifully that it would be [...]


Does Admire Have Buttons & Boxes With Shortcodes? – Yes!

The answer's already there in the title! Adding a button/box (the highlighting area around a text, if you don't understand what a 'box' is) in Admire is reasonably easy. You might [...]


The Magic Of Typography That Comes With Admire

Typography was always about the font family and the font size - right? Well, it's not and it never was for those who really understood it. Before I begin, I [...]

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