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Does Admire Have Buttons & Boxes With Shortcodes? – Yes!


The answer’s already there in the title! Adding a button/box (the highlighting area around a text, if you don’t understand what a ‘box’ is) in Admire is reasonably easy. You might have to refer to the Admire Documentation Page once or twice to know the available colors that you can use, but once you know what you’ll be using, you’re all set and things will get much faster.

Many themes may ask you to add a ‘class’ to a link, then centre the link to bring the button into the centre of the page. No more. With Admire, adding a button or a box is a piece of cake. For example, the button that you see below was added in a mere duration of 7-9 seconds. A click, , some text and boom!

Button via Shortcode!

A few reasons why shortcodes are important are listed as follows:

  1. They make life easier. No more dealing with unnecessary markup language.
  2. They don’t get destroyed (explained below)
  3. They require very little information from you as a user.

Direct HTML links might tend to remove the “class” added to them if not taken care, but shortcodes never let that happen. Winning.

Before you ask – the box right up there was added using a shortcode! And yes, this one didn’t take more than 9 seconds as well. As mentioned before, all you need to know is the colors that you can use in the boxes and the buttons and you’ll then be good to go within no time.

As of now, the ‘one-click shortcodes feature’ is only applicable to the boxes and the buttons, but there will soon be many more things such as special objects, accordions etc.

About the author: A gonna-be pilot. A multi-tasker. Hates bitching. A major part of the living population bitches about each other. If you have something on Economics – I’m listening. If you judge someone by their taste in music – I don’t give a rat’s ass about you. That’s pretty much it.

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