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Here’s What’s Cooking At ThesisLove

As you must have seen, ThesisLove has been quite for some time. That’s because there’s many things cooking and being decorated in the kitchen so beautifully that it would be a bad thing to reveal the surprise. There’s a lot more to come at ThesisLove than what you must have imagined. All you need to do is become a Premium Member at ThesisLove – and the good things will keep on raining!

I’m not going to reveal everything here, but a brief list of what you can expect in the near future is as follows:

  • A blog with updates on everything that we have. News – to keep in short.
  • A very helpful “Tutorials” section to help you make the best out of Thesis.
  • More & more new boxes to enrich your Thesis-Powered site.
  • A better support in terms of timing and response.
  • An “Out-Of-The-Box Customization Service” – i.e. Hire Us!
  • …(coming soon)

So keep your expectations high, and they shall be fulfilled as we go on. Until then, you’re absolutely free to enjoy whatever you can from our current archives.

About the author: A gonna-be pilot. A multi-tasker. Hates bitching. A major part of the living population bitches about each other. If you have something on Economics – I’m listening. If you judge someone by their taste in music – I don’t give a rat’s ass about you. That’s pretty much it.

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