Make It Happen

The Landing Page

As you know, landing pages have become a priority for any blog. A promotion or a product – a landing page is the solution. The main reason why a landing page plays an important role on your site is that it doesn’t cause any sort of distractions for the visitors who land on that page. The only options that that can make them navigate away from the page are created by you i.e. within the content.

You see, you can always include a testimonial in this format. All you have to do is click on the “blockquote” button in your post editor, and you’re done.

Also, as you know that Admire ships with power tools such as the buttons and boxes, you can always make use of them right within your landing pages. Here’s an example to show you how that should work.

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 However, a ‘great’ landing page just isn’t complete without a few more attractive elements such as the highlighted boxes. We’ll make use of one of those as we go ahead in this page.

Also, did you know that your landing page on Admire is also responsive!? Yes, that means you can actually make sales when people land on your landing pages using their mobile phones. Since Paypal’s new In-Context Checkout system has arrived, the buyers wouldn’t have to navigate away from your site at all! And the same case many many other payment processors – Stripe, being the best example.

Landing pages should contain limited content i.e. only content that actually is meaningful and appropriate for the subject.