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It might be 10 seconds up or down, but you won’t regret. So, instead of presenting any boring sales copy, let me simply start with pointing out the three best features of Admire (of course, there are many!) that will convince you about the power of it. Let’s begin.

Powerful In-Built Functionality

Instead of giving long descriptions of all the functionality, I thought it would better to list them down for you so that you can quickly go over the same and know what you could have in your site. They are as follows:

  • Email Subscription Tools (Widgets, Full-Width Bars, Boxes etc.)
  • Featured Messages Tools (the shout-out that you see right above this post)
  • Promotional Widgets with ‘iconic buttons’
  • Increased readership with tools such as the “Featured Posts” widget and the “Related Posts” box under the post
  • …and many more which you can see right around this post.

Those were just the functionality-endorsing features. Let’s talk about the design.

Clean & Appealing Design

Same thing here – it’s much efficient (both for you and me) to list down the designing side of story. Here you go:

  • Perfectly responsive i.e. mobile-friendly design
  • Beautiful Color Scheme packed with amazing shades on the front-end. Learn more about it at the documentation page.
  • Perfect typography that you can expect. Visit the Typography Focused post to learn more.
  • Extremely easy customizations – from the headlines to the fonts, all a piece of cake.

And lastly, let’s talk about about SEO and other optimisation capabilities of Admire.

Optimization and Power in terms of SEO

On the primary platform, Thesis (the Theme) itself is a powerful SEO machine that handles most of the things on your site in terms of SEO. However, there are some things which are beyond Thesis’ handling capabilities i.e. things which you as the site-owner has to take under control. Here’s what Admire helps you with:

  • Use of “Icon” Font i.e. no images whatsoever when you need an pictograph! Visit the ThesisLove Icons’ Page to see the icons that you can use.
  • Perfect HTML mark-up. No unnecessary or useless codes.
  • Use of cross-browser CSS to make sure your site looks great in all browsers.

I believe three minutes are over – and so is this little piece of information. Go ahead and get the skin now (always better to become a Premium Member!).

About the author: A gonna-be pilot. A multi-tasker. Hates bitching. A major part of the living population bitches about each other. If you have something on Economics – I’m listening. If you judge someone by their taste in music – I don’t give a rat’s ass about you. That’s pretty much it.

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