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The Powerful Featured Opt-In Area Is Built Right Into Cinch. Winning.

This dominant featured opt-in box makes your site stand out. It allows you to customize each and every part of it - including the form!.

Secondly, if you're looking to customize this box's elements, such as the headline, you can smoothly do so by going to your "Skin Design" page.

  • Did you know that you can use HTML in this box? That means - you can have ANYTHING!
  • Everything in the Opt-In Form on the right side is customizable. Period.
  • You shouldn't forget the responsivenes! Resize your browser and see for yourself.

The Typography With Cinch Is Cutting-Edge


Typography was always about the font family and the font size - right? Well, it's not and it never was for those who really understood it. Before I begin, I want you to see a (representational) video clip from the movie "Jobs" released this year. It doesn't speak a lot of typography, but it surely [...]

Cinch Has Abounding Color Capabilities


What do you normally think of when it comes to colors? Usually, it's the links. Sometimes, it's also the hovered links. On a higher side, maybe it's the footer background color. What if I told you that with Cinch, the word "Color" will always bring a smile to your and your site visitors' face? You [...]

Splendid Functions & Responsiveness With Cinch


Yes, you read that right. Cinch has everything in-built. Be it the widgets, responsiveness or customization options (oh, those are extremely important!) - Cinch has everything built right into it. The reason to do that is to prevent installing any third-party plugins, which surely do have some or the other effect on your site's design. [...]

Cinch Has A Lot More Than You Think To Offer


Well, this is probably the last "lorem-ipsum" post you'll see on this demo site. All the other posts, hopefully, will have text that makes sense. By the way, any guesses why the 'formulae' picture was chosen here? Don't try to guess - there's no reason behind it! Now this is the end of sensibility here, [...]