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Cinch Has Abounding Color Capabilities


What do you normally think of when it comes to colors? Usually, it’s the links. Sometimes, it’s also the hovered links. On a higher side, maybe it’s the footer background color. What if I told you that with Cinch, the word “Color” will always bring a smile to your and your site visitors’ face? You must be wondering why it would actually bring a smile to someone’s face. Here’s an elaborated version –

The problem with the usage of colors on any site is that the designers fail to achieve the correct contrast that makes a site look good in a reader’s eye. When the site doesn’t attract the readers’ eyes or if put in simple words, when it makes the readers’ eyes shrink and swear at the screen, he or she is surely going to get close the tab of the browser. This has a bit of psychology behind it because a first impression of your always matters.

An example would be this – and before you get into any conclusions, I hate Chemistry. I just can’t mix into it. Never got more than a 50 in it – and I’m not embarrassed because I literally hate the subject!

Do you see how irritating and vexatious that site was? And that’s one of the main reasons why you’re going to love Cinch. It’s one hell of a ‘colorful’ functionality built right into your site. And guess what – it plays the most important role on the front-end of the site! I mentioned that because many functions usually matter on the backend i.e. SEO, HTML formation etc., but colors define your site!

The process of the Color Scale built into Cinch is extremely easy to understand. It starts with you, the site owner, choosing a primary color. This primary color is the color of the links on your site. After that, Cinch automatically picks the other colors based on the primary color that you’ve chosen and it applies the several different chosen colors to the other elements. If you’re thinking that the several colors chosen by Cinch are just some random colors, I’m afraid you’re completely wrong! That’s because Cinch chooses the colors primarily based on your chosen color!

So if you’re having, in your mind, the scenario of choosing a shade of magenta and assumptions of Cinch assigning a shade hazel to the elements – shake your mind up & down on the floor! That’s because Cinch only assigns colors in that very shade of color that you’ve assigned to be a primary color of your choice.

No Restrictions – No Contracts – No Forcefulness

Afraid that you have to stick with the color scale that Cinch assigns? Don’t be! That’s because you’re always and ever free to change individual elements’ color. Although Cinch makes sure that such an action won’t be necessary, but it never stops you from what you want to do. Go ahead and play with the colors – who knows, you might make some better color combinations that suit your site!

Get Colorful – Get The Cinch Skin

That was all about the colors. By the way, just to mention, see the button colors? That’s what Cinch is all about i.e. simplicity + elegance = cinch!

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