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Splendid Functions & Responsiveness With Cinch


Yes, you read that right. Cinch has everything in-built. Be it the widgets, responsiveness or customization options (oh, those are extremely important!) – Cinch has everything built right into it. The reason to do that is to prevent installing any third-party plugins, which surely do have some or the other effect on your site’s design. For e.g. – There are several plugins available to inject a menu and also have it to be responsive. However, they’re not as easy as you think. The plugins need a hundred answers from you i.e. the site width, the page breaks, the colors, the borders, the icon, the font size, the font color …and the list continues.

Even if you ‘answer’ all the questions, nothing is guaranteed because the theme you’re using might not even allow the plugin to inject the menu inside the templates! By the way – Thesis is one of them.

That said, you definitely need a solution to have your menus responsive along with the assurance that they don’t mess with anything else apart from the menu. However, this is simply not possible as there surely is some or the other item which directly or indirectly gets affected by the plugins. But what if I tell you that Cinch makes your site’s menus perfectly responsive – and actually uses your site’s width to determine it’s presentation! That may raise your eye-brows – and honestly it’s nothing but a fact!

Talking About The Functionality

Enough said about the responsiveness. Let’s head towards the functionality. Oh boy, this could be a lot of writing, but I’ll keep it short. The functionality with Cinch is breathtaking. You’d be surprised to know that Cinch has an integrated Color Scale developed by Thesis. This colorscale asks you to choose a single color – and then perfectly chooses the colors for the other elements such as the Featured Opt-In Box or the Horizontal Opt-In Bar! How amazing is that!? All you have to do is pick a single color, and the rest is done for you!

The Color Scale works perfectly as it should. You pick a single color, it chooses the colors for the other elements. This also includes adding a bit of color shade to the Secondary Navigation Menu!

However, you are under no restriction to change individual colors for the the elements. If for some reason you feel that the Horizontal Opt-In Bar should have a dark red instead of a dark blue (that may have been added by Cinch), you can seamlessly choose a dark red! This applies to every customizable element.

Secondly, you must have noticed a ‘noisy’ background added to several elements (such as the Featured Opt-In Box). Although it looks amazing and catchy, some might want t

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Cinch Also Has A "Single-Post Opt-In" Box

How wonderful can it be!? You do not need to go through a single piece of code, even though it's just HTML. That's how Cinch defines the word 'powerful'. It's high time you get the skin now!

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