Cinch facilitates a gorgeous horizontal opt-in bar! Time to get more leads!

The Landing Page

Landing pages are highly effective when it comes to selling products or showing off your “About Me” page. That’s because these pages are where the readers focus the most. The reason being that there is no other stuff, good or bad, to look at i.e. the sidebars etc. You are always free to include any of our boxes right into the landing page template. For e.g. – the “Horizontal Opt-In Bar” box lies right here in the landing page template.

You can also make use of highlighter boxes, such as this one. These boxes make the text stand out, and allow you to say what you have to.

Many prefer to have a landing page without the menu, and many prefer to keep the menu. However, in Cinch’s landing page, the secondary menu is removed by default (but you can always put it back) while the header menu remains still. No specific reason behind this – it’s just another way of having a landing page.

  • By the way, bulleted lists also stand out on landing pages.
  • Especially when you have to make point-to-point statements, these lists are really helpful.

Also, having buttons on landing pages make a lot of difference. For example, the following button is clearly visible to any reader and will definitely make him click it. Now it all depends on you where you link it to. Don’t forget to check where the following button links to!

Button via Shortcode →

And the best part is – Cinch allows the addition of buttons using shortcodes. And there’s a “Add a Button” shortcode in your post editor! All you have to do is write the text for the button, provide the link where it should redirect to and simply answer yes/no whether to open it in a new tab – simple as that!