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The Typography With Cinch Is Cutting-Edge


Typography was always about the font family and the font size – right? Well, it’s not and it never was for those who really understood it. Before I begin, I want you to see a (representational) video clip from the movie “Jobs” released this year. It doesn’t speak a lot of typography, but it surely gives an idea of how important Typography is when it comes to design. If you read more about Steve Jobs, you’ll realise that he was the reason behind Typography being so awesome. Just before you watch the clip, here’s an extract from Steve Job’s famous commencement address at The Stanford University in 2005.

I learned about serif and san serif typefaces, about varying the amount of space between different letter combinations, about what makes great typography great. It was beautiful, historical, artistically subtle in a way that science can’t capture, and I found it fascinating.

Assuming you’ve watched it – you just saw that an employee at Apple Inc. was fired by Steve Jobs just because he thought that TypeFace (in short, Typography at those times) wasn’t really a pressing issue. I would like to show you how Cinch assures pixel-perfect Typography on your site.

How Does Cinch Perform The Typographical Concert?

It’s extremely easy to notice on the front-end, and equally difficult to understand it in the back-end. Cinch takes the value of the element’s font size, and automatically set’s a scale and line height of which the calculation is entirely based on the extremely powerful and highly effective Golden Ratio Typography algorithm, developed by none other than The Thesis Framework founder himself i.e. Chris Pearson.

@pearson has followed extreme proven methods based real-life psychological situations to create The Golden Ratio Typography system. It just can’t go wrong. Period.

But what about the headlines and other text? Don’t they need their own typographical music? Sure they do – and that’s why Cinch is smart enough to do the same for the headlines as well! All you need to do is engulf the fact that you need to worry no more and smile more-n-more.


See the picture above. It says it all. Every field has a default value i.e. even if you leave it blank, it will have a value which it can use. All the default values are listed next to the fields so that it’s easy for you as a user to determine the original values used by the skin. I’m sure you also noticed the “Font Weight” option – and I’m damn sure you loved it! That’s not just the case with the post headline – but with many other text-elements as well. This includes the headlines for the Feature Boxes, the widget titles, the ShoutOut box… and the list continues!

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Cinch Also Has A "Single-Post Opt-In" Box

How wonderful can it be!? You do not need to go through a single piece of code, even though it's just HTML. That's how Cinch defines the word 'powerful'. It's high time you get the skin now!

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