The Bartlet Skin

The Bartlet Skin for Thesis. 'Tis the demo!

Bartlet is a Thesis Skin en route to an undetermined destination. Bartlet is free to use under the MIT license. There's MORE coming to this skin including email opt-in functionality which is already under way!

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Four Customizable Areas

Four Customizable Areas

Bartlet comes with a hero section, a multi-column box, a quote box, a CTA box and landing & full-width templates.

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Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive

With mobile traffic beating desktop traffic, it is imperative to optimize for mobile. Bartlet's design is built mobile-first.

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Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

With an in-built automatic updater, you won't have to download and install a new skin version manually.

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Mobile traffic outranks desktop traffic. Needless to say, Bartlet is ready on all fronts.